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*Hits self softly*

Posted on 2005.09.17 at 23:33
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: Sleepwalking - Glen Matlock and the Philstines
Nande? Why did I miss orientation?! I wanted to go to...but something else came up and....*pouts and whines* Miwako feels pretty stupid now. I bet it was pretty fun too. I wonder who actually went... I wonder of Daisuke or Arashi went....Who knows? But, I hope everyone enjoyed it.

I'm going to be missing out on a lot when school starts because I'm sure a lot of people went to it. I'll just have to get the scope from everyone else later then. I'm sure someone will let me know sometime soon.

If not, Oh well! Maybe Miwako wasn't suppose to know ^^



Posted on 2005.09.12 at 22:07
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Do As Infinity - I miss you?
OK...I know that the subject header is....empty, but I'm a little surprised and shocked that I can't come up with one yet. I.....had a very good day. Surprisingly....

Ok....let me start over. Calmly...

I was heading toward Harajuku, to find someway to ease my depression of finding out that Arashi and George.....are now together, which means the end of the relationship Miwako and Arashi had together. So...I was a little lonely and sad, and sissy was too busy to talk to me, and I didn't know who else I could talk to.

So, I figured "Why not cheer Miwako up with shopping for clothes?" I headed out, walking along minding my own business happily, before someone bumped into me unexpectedly. It was an accident, I'm sure....but it was the guy that Arashi-kun....or should I say Nagase-san told me about. Kinda his twin...

His name was Nanahara Daisuke. He is also attending Yazagaku this year. He takes pictures! That's a neat hobby to me....but, besides that, he spent the day with me. We went shopping in some of the stores, and then we got ice cream together and sat and talked. Miwako hasn't done that in ages!

Then, we had to split because I had to pick up something for Alice....but, we exchanged cell phone numbers. And he called as soon as I left the table we were sitting at. I thought that was.....


After that, I invited him over for dinner and we chatted there also. We talked about many different subjects, which Miwako would not like to state at the moment...and then he helped me wash dishes.

Getting to the point of this post is that he... Nanahara-san...spent some time with me, which kinda cheered me up from my depressed mood. And.....he did something else, but I'm sure I can leave you in suspense for some other time.

Ja ne..

Posted on 2005.09.07 at 19:18
Current Mood: gloomygloomy
Current Music: Do As Infinity - Be Free
I wonder if anyone can answer this?:

Did I do something wrong?

I met Arashi-kun at the Parakiss studio a couple of days ago, and he seemed so...upset. He was still lingering on past subjects, which is more of a slightly personal note to some who may not know the situation, and he still seemed a little edgy afterwards. Maybe....he wants some space? I don't know...I feel a little guilty. Yet, have no idea why. Hm..

But, on another note, why haven't I met anyone else attending Yaza Arts? It makes me sad...I wanna meet this Dai Nanahara that Arshi-kun was talking about. He sounds interesting. Maybe some other day...*sighs*

Miwako is getting a little bored nowadays...



Posted on 2005.08.29 at 11:27
Current Mood: giddygiddy
WOW! Oreintation was great! We had it last evening and I met a few of the students. Even the Headmisstress herself. I got to know of few people and what their passions and reasons where for coming to Yaza Arts. Arashi was there, but he had to leave early...which was a little disappointing, I hadn't seen him in a while. But, someone named Surikumo Nikami, and she makes dresses too! Along with bracelets....but only if she's in the mood. That's very kawaii! I wonder if George wouldn't mind us making bracelets for our clothes. But, I gotta run once again. Busy little me...


Beware of the Day..

Posted on 2005.08.28 at 19:56
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: Sugar Guitar - Skye Sweetnam
School is starting soon! Geez....I think I'm getting lazy. Playing with Alice and such was getting me distracted from work and working with everyone else at Parakiss. Maybe it's my fault completly? Can't blame anyone else, I guess. But, I'll be dedicated and such when the day comes. I'm kinda excited! I've been wanting to see everyone forever! Well, hopefully I didn't miss much...

I guess we'll see ^^



Posted on 2005.08.07 at 01:11
Let's start this over...since I am now back in busniess...